Instructional Program

Preparing students to succeed in the 21st century challenges schools to implement a comprehensive, engaging instructional program that supports optimal achievement of all learners. To meet this challenge, the Ramapo Central School District employs a model in which academic support staff collaborate with grade-level and subject area teachers to develop differentiated instruction targeted to the range of student needs within each classroom.  Interventions and enrichment opportunities are designed within the core curriculum so that students work at their instructional level regularly. 

Curriculum maps define units of study that anchor the instructional program. The professional staff uses the content, skills and recommended resources defined in these documents in their planning. Unit specific assessments, as well as state and local measures, are incorporated into a balanced assessment plan that enables teachers to monitor student progress.  Maps are revised regularly based on New York State mandates as well as reflections of District staff.  The goal is to maximize achievement within the context of preparing each student for college and career success. 

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