Athletics Medical Information

The following procedure should be followed for all students who want to try out for a sport in the high school or middle school. 

    • A parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the sport pre participation form in pen and return it to the nurse. All yes answers require a detailed explanation. The form can be downloaded from the bottom of this page or obtained in the nurse’s office.
    • Students must then have their blood pressure, pulse and urine test done by the school nurse.
    • A physical exam is done by the school medical officer. The physical is valid for one year. If you do not want the school medical officer to perform the exam, you may submit a copy of a recent physical from your child's health care provider. Your child will still see the school medical officer with all of his/her paperwork, but will not be examined. It is a New York State Law that only a school appointed medical officer certify a child to participate in sports.
    • Athletes must have a tetanus booster within ten years.
    • Middle school students who are trying out for a high school sport have additional state requirements to complete. These include a tanner rating, agility test and a signed parental permission form. The parental permission form can only be obtained in the nurse’s office.

If an athlete seeks medical attention during a sports season a clearance note from their physician is required to return to sports.

An athlete who sustains a concussion or head injury must provide a medical clearance note from his or her health care provider and then follow the “Return to Play Protocol” which includes final clearance by the school medical officer before returning to sports.

Re-certification for an Additional Sports Season:

Prior to each sports season, an athlete with a valid sports physical (within one year) will need to submit a new sports pre participation form signed by a parent to update the health history. If there has been no change the nurse will certify the athlete for the next sports season. An athlete may not certify more than 30 days before the season begins.

Information and dates for 2013-14 sports