Welcome to Ramapo Central School District!

Kindergarten entrants:

Children who turn five years of age by December 1 are eligible to enter kindergarten that school year. Advance kindergarten registration and testing is handled at the building level. Parents or guardians should contact the elementary school their child will attend in January of the calendar year in which their child will begin kindergarten to sign-up for registration information.

Families who move to the area after July 1 or during the school year in which their child will be enrolled must register their kindergarteners through the district’s Registration Office.

Enrolling current school-age children:

Children must be enrolled by a parent or guardian through the district’s Registration Office. Registration is done by appointment only; please call the Registration Office at (845) 357-7783 ext. 11256 to schedule.

Parents and guardians are urged to bring both the required documents for registration AND one set of completed registration forms for each child to be enrolled to the scheduled appointment.

A completed set of registration forms must be submitted for each child.