Adding Images

Using images or graphics in documents and website pages is an important opportunity to develop your message and keep users on the page. Images should reinforce the information on the page or they become a distraction. Carefully consider the purpose of your site and your audience: better not to use an image than to use an inappropriate one.

Once you have selected an image that reinforces your message, it should be sized to fit the intended location and should not exceed 100KB. Keeping file sizes small will ensure that your webpage or online document will load quickly. For guidance on sizing images, click here.

Re-think using animated gifs. Since these moving images cannot be "turned off," they are more likely to distract and irritate. 

Please be aware that automatic display of mixed content, such as slide shows, is currently blocked by a number of browsers. You may be better off including still images than risk having your visitors see a perpetual "loading" message.

From the Google Docs training module (and modified for Google Apps EDU):

To insert an image, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Insert drop-down menu from the toolbar and select Image.

  2. Depending on what image you'd like to add to the document, click Upload or Web address (URL) and follow these instructions:

    • Upload: Choose an image from your computer and click the open button.

    • URL: Type the URL of a an image from the Web and click Select.

Resizing images
Once an image is added, it can be resized (by choosing from S/M/L/original) and aligned (left/center/right) by clicking on it and using the small horizontal pop-up menu.