Google Sites
--everyone needs one

Click for an overview of Google sites.
The district requires each teacher to create a RCSD Google site in order to foster communication with parents and students and to provide any instructional materials that he or she deems appropriate. A home page can contain contact particulars, a list of courses taught, or any other introductory information that will be of use to parents and students.

Additional pages can be added to keep instructional materials organized for users. Google provides a number of page types, each with a different, specialized function. For instance, the "file cabinet" page makes it easier to manage file downloads.

Site pages can also contain embedded gadgets, which will display a calendar or a document for instance, and will lessen the time required to update pages. Read more about gadgets...

The key to good workflow is planning ahead. During development, you will often be asked to "browse" for a file, so it's important to know ahead of time what resources you plan to include in your site and where they are.

A Google site is a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons!

Please keep in mind:

When you create your site, you will need to name it. Please use your first initial followed by your last name (no spaces). When asked to categorize your site, use the three letter building code (e.g. CES for Cherry Lane Elementary or SMS for Suffern Middle School). If you change buildings for any reason, you will need to re-categorize your site with the building code for your new assignment.

As you begin site construction, you may wish to keep it private, but before too long, you will need to publish it by changing the sharing settings to 'public' and sending your URL to so that it may be added to your school's classroom directory.