Google Calendar

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You can create a detailed class calendar that breaks down all the activities each day and the associated assignments and due dates, or you can create a more general class calendar with 'big picture' details like test days, field trips, and special activities--or both.

Once a class calendar has been created, it needs to be shared unless it is meant only for personal reference. A personal calendar can be kept as a reference, much like a paper plan book.

Calendars can be exported from Google to your computer and converted from ics (the default export file type) to xls by using  the site Gcal2excel  After exporting and editing, an xls file can be imported into a new Google calendar by saving it as csv. If you are at all comfortable with Excel, you can keep your plan book from year to year as a digital file, adapting and importing to Google as it suits you.

Because of Google calendar's ability to import from and export to standard spreadsheets, it offers potential opportunities to "think outside the box." 

To read more about how to create a class calendar, click here.