Following are answers to commonly-asked questions submitted through the Contact link. Please use the link to submit questions not answered within this Technology Help site. 

Information may also be found by accessing the Google Apps for Education Training Center.


Q: My entry in my school's contact or sites list is incorrect. How do I fix it?
A: You won't be able to change that yourself. Please email the correct information (URL, name, email address) to ddedrick@ramapocentral.org.

Q: Can having a personal Google account cause problems with my RCSD account?
A: Yes! If you are logged in to a personal Google account for G-mail or any other G-app, and try to log in to your Ramapo account within the same browser, you will confuse the browser as it tries to apply multiple credentials. You may end up in an app in the wrong account or get an error message (or be asked if you want to create an account!). You need to log out of your personal account OR open a different browser to access your RCSD account.

Q:  Why can't I find my website?
A:  In order to access your website, you must first log in to Google Apps. See directions below. Then select "Sites." (Make sure you aren't logged in to a personal Google account. If you are, log out before accessing RCSD's Google account.)

Q: If I go to my site from my building "Teacher Sites" link, I can't edit it. Why not?
A: You need to be logged in to Google Apps. See below.

Q:  How do I log in to Google Apps?
A:  Open Firefox (or Chrome or Safari) and then one of our sites, i.e. www.ramapocentral.org. Place your cursor over "For Staff," click on "Google Apps," then click on any of the first four icons. You will see an authorization pop up window that will ask you to type your network username and password. If your credentials are rejected or you do not proceed to the appropriate app, please report this using the "contact" page. (Be sure you aren't logged in to a personal account!)

Q:  Is there an easy way to switch between apps?
A:  Yes. Use the grid of small squares located at the top-right of the "sites" main page that contains the RCSD Apps logo in the top left corner of the page. Click on the grid and a pop-up window will open that displays icons for other apps. If you don't see the grid, you are in an open file rather than the main page for the app. At the top left, place your cursor over the name of the file. A left arrow will pop up; click that to return to the app's main window. Now you can access the grid to switch to another app.

Q:  If I go to my Google sites and my sites or the create button is missing, what then?
A:  This will probably only happen if you have a long list of sites. But if it does, refresh the page or click on the RCSD Apps logo. If you don't see the RCSD logo, you may be logged in to a personal Google account. You must log out of that account.

Google Docs

Click here for a Google Docs overview.

Q:  If I upload a Microsoft document to Google Docs, the formatting is lost. Can I stop this?
A:  First, save the file as a PDF and then upload. Your formatting will be preserved. If you create the document using Google's text editor, you will maintain any formatting you apply, even if you collaborate with others.

Q:  Is it true that if I convert a file to a Google format, it isn't added to my storage limit?
A:  Yes, it's true. Only the files that are not in a Google Doc format accumulate. But I believe that Google has lifted its limit on Apps for Education accounts, so no worries about limits.

Google Calendar

Click here for a Google Calendar overview.

Q:  Why can't I edit my calendar?
A:  In order to edit Google Calendar, you must first log in to Google Apps and go to your calendar. You can only make changes to your calendar from the app itself, not from any location where it may be embedded. For directions on logging in, refer to the entry under BASICS, above.

Q:  Why is the event I entered not showing up on the Calendar?
A:  When you enter information into the event form, be sure to select the correct calendar to which you want the event posted (rather than your personal calendar). 

Google Sites

Click here for a Google Sites overview.

Q:  Is it possible for my students add comments to one of my webpages?
A:  It is, but only if you give them edit rights to your site. It is possible to enable site level permissions to limit the pages they have access to, but this does create the potential for your students to edit your entire site. A workaround would include creating a new site for just the content you want them to comment on. This site can then be deleted after the assignment is completed.

Q:  Can visitors receive notifications of changes to my site?
A:  Yes, but only for the "announcements" page type. Click here to read more.

Google Mail

Q: Can I retrieve my district Gmail on my mobile devices?
A: Yes. Please review the Google training module information here. Be sure that in your ramapocentral.net Gmail settings you have PoP and IMAP enabled.