Quality Control

Capitalize on content

When developing text and selecting images, audio and/or video
for your website, keep in mind that teacher websites are a public expression of your professional life with the Ramapo Central School District. Be sure to keep firmly in mind who you are trying to reach. Double-check text for typos and tone. Keep content current and review online resources periodically to remove broken or outdated links. 

Design matters

Both information architecture and visual presentation are significant aspects of website design. Make your website successful by always keeping your feet in the user's shoes.

Whether you are creating a website or a Google Doc, consider the following:
  • Identify your audience: Is this for students, parents, administrators?
  • Give your users enough information to interact with or extract from your document in a meaningful way (consider including resources to deepen understanding)
  • Organize content in a way that maximizes comprehension
  • Use visual elements and layout to make reading easier for the user.
Click here for a fuller discussion of how to achieve these goals by using design conventions, and remember that planning ahead will avoid headaches later.