Adding Video

Video can be an effective method for archiving "how to" techniques and for enhancing communication with parents by documenting classroom activities. Despite its value, adding video can be a technical challenge.

Video files tend to be large, which can create both delivery and storage challenges. The best option is to utilize external storage, such as School WebLockers or YouTube, and stream the file.

If you choose to upload a video file to your Google Docs, delete the file as soon after it is needed as possible to avoid running out of storage. 

Inserting Video

1. On your site, click the "Edit pencil" icon, click on "Insert," scroll down to "Video," and select "Docs video" for an uploaded video.

2. Choose the video stored in your Google Docs account from the pop-up dialog. Or, choose a YouTube video from the "Video" menu option. Please note that the Google Video option is no longer available, as the District has filled its limited storage quota.

3. Please keep in mind that after you upload your video to your Google Docs, their servers need time to process that video. It will not be available for viewing immediately.