Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a highly confidential source of help for our staff members and their dependents whose personal and health problems may impact their lives and their work.  

The EAP will provide assistance with:

    • coping with the stresses incurred by family
    • marital problems
    • alcoholic and drug problems
    • dealing with an aging parent
    • serious illness
    • retirement issues
    • emotional issues
    • psychological issues
    • financial issues
    • legal issues
    • occupational difficulties 
    • other personal problems that may be disturbing

For professional assistance, please call Good Samaritan Hospital at (845) 368-5233.

All EAP services provided by Good Samaritan Hospital will be strictly confidential. Participation by school district staff and their dependents will be on a voluntary basis. None of the information obtained by the hospital in the performance of services will be made available to Ramapo Central School District or anyone else, except for broad statistical data which may be made available to the District, provided such data does not permit individual identification of participants.

There is no charge for a maximum of six individual treatment sessions for an employee or dependent to use the counseling services provided under this Program at Good Samaritan Hospital. In situations where referral for extended treatment is necessary, a cost will be incurred.  If this is a health-related problem, the District’s insurance may pay a portion of the fee.

If you have questions about this Program, please call the Employee Assistance Program directly.

Wellness Policy
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