Dept of Pupil Personnel Services

The Department of Pupil Personnel Services
is dedicated to meeting the individual and specialized needs of RCSD students, tailoring individual programs and supports in order to bolster student success. Through the use of differentiated and innovative best practices and strategies, we strive to enhance a student’s strengths and scaffold their needs in the most appropriate program.

Please Contact Us with any Questions or Concerns:

Director of Pupil Personnel Services: Dr. Lisa CastaldoGreen

(845) 357-7783 X11263; (845) 608-6008;

Supervisor of Secondary Special Services:  Ms. Courtney Violetti

(845) 357-7783 X11220;

Supervisor of Elementary Special Services:  Ms. Taryn Rivera

(845) 357-7783 X11236;

CPSE Chairperson/Elementary 504 Team Leader:  Mrs. Ellen Weiner

(845) 357-7783 X11253;

Administrative Assistants:

Residential, Private, and BOCES CSE; Home Instruction:

Ms. Debby Galanti: (845) 357-7783 X 11238;

SMS, SHS and Consortium CSE; College Transition Records:

Mrs. Doreen Schreeck: (845) 357-7783 X11230;

Elementary and Private School CSE; Home Schooling:

Ms. Janet Feger: (845) 357-7783 X11216;

CPSE; Section 504; Medicaid Assistance:

Ms. Dawn Wilson: (845) 357-7783 X11285;

A Message to Parents:
If you are in need of specialized accommodations in order for you to participate fully in your
child’s school-related activities, please reach out to the Department of Pupil Personnel