September 20 is Cherry Lane Blue Ribbon Day

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[September 17, 2014] The entire Ramapo Central community is invited to participate in a daylong celebration of Cherry Lane Elementary School’s National Blue Ribbon School designation. This prestigious U.S. Department of Education recognition is reserved for schools that set a standard of excellence in striving for the highest level of achievement. The official ceremony was held last November in Washington, DC.

The Cherry Lane PTA is sponsoring Blue Ribbon Day festivities, which include all-you-can-eat BBQ, games and much more. Tickets may be purchased at the event. Prices are as follows: Adults - $15, Seniors and Children - $13.  Sweets and ice cream will be sold separately to benefit the fifth grade.

Event schedule

3:00-3:30pm: Student parade

3:30-4:00pm: Blue Ribbon Ceremony

4:00-7:00pm: Games, music and entertainment; BBQ starts at 5:00pm

All are welcome and Cherry Laners are reminded to wear their Blue Ribbon t-shirts.

Montebello pays it forward on “Day of Remembrance”

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[September 12, 2014] Montebello Elementary School observed its annual Day of Remembrance on September 11 with guest readers Dr. Lisa CastaldoGreen, Ramapo Central’s Director of Pupil Personnel Services and a volunteer firefighter, and Daniel Greeley, husband of library clerk Barbara Greeley and a former U.S. Marine who served three tours in Fallujah. CastaldoGreen donned her gear to visit with the kindergarten classes; Greeley regaled first graders with a rousing reading of How Do Dinosaurs Go To School. Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Lisa Weber and Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Stephen Walker also made guest reader appearances.

First-graders in teacher Jacqueline Triguero’s class reflected on Greeley’s visit and the idea of “paying it forward” during morning snack time.

“Mr. Greeley was in the Marines,” Dalton recalled. “He fought bad guys.”

Students noted that Principal Teresa Ivey had asked them to be particularly mindful today, and connected her message with class discussions about “filling people’s buckets.”

“It means be nice to our friends and say kind things,” said Laila.

“Share,” Alejandro noted.

“Be respectful,” suggested Ava.

“And do a random act of kindness,” added William.

 Triguero had told students about a random act of kindness she had committed earlier in the morning.

“I bought coffee for the person behind me in line,” she said. “When you help someone or make them feel happy, what happens?”

“Maybe then they will be kind to someone else,” Laila responded.

Photo caption: First-graders in teacher Jacqueline Triguero’s class discussed the idea of “paying it forward” during snack on September 11.

Community support gives Connor a playground upgrade

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[September 5, 2014] At recess on the first day of school, RP Connor Elementary School students were hanging, climbing and swinging on their new Xscape playground system, purchased with funds largely raised by the school community. The state-of-the-art system replaced equipment that pre-dated the arrival of Principal Mary DiPersio sixteen years ago. 

But at Connor, recess is more than fun and games; it’s a valuable opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“The big initiative is to get kids moving 60 minutes a day. This is a way to help them meet that goal—providing them with benefits in terms of both fun and health,” explained physical education teacher Joseph Lofberg, who spearheaded the playground project. “The new equipment is more fitness-based. Kids have to use their stabilizer muscles to navigate the ridges and bumps; they’ll build upper body strength with the ropes, hanging bars and climbing wall.”

Raising funds to purchase and install the equipment was a community-wide

effort—and the response was tremendous. The school’s spring Fit Fair Walkathon raised $10,299 and additional, generous support was provided by the RP Connor PTA, the Vincent Crotty Memorial Foundation and local residents. The District provided $4,000 in supplemental funds to get the project across the finish line.

“Look, we are a Title I school,” noted DiPersio. “The fact that our community raised roughly $25,000 for this project speaks volumes to what people here are about. This community works together and does whatever it takes to put the needs of children first.”

Outside on the new system, students expressed gratitude for the support of parents, teachers, administrators and neighbors.

“We had really old equipment and this is so much better,” said Freddie, a fifth-grader, as he climbed.

Lofberg added, “And besides having fun, you’re also getting…”

“Exercise!” was the unanimous shout. 

Photo caption1: RP Connor students tested out their new playground equipment during their recess on the first day of school.

Photo caption2: Physical Education teacher Joseph Lofberg was “blown away” by the tremendous community support for RP Connor Elementary School’s playground upgrade effort.  

Welcome to the 2014-15 school year!

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[September 3, 2014] Parades of big smiles and backpacks streamed across the District as Ramapo Central students were welcomed to the 2014-15 school year this morning. (Journal News photojournalist Ricky Flores stopped by Sloatsburg Elementary School as students arrived; view his photos online here.)

With orientations behind them, kindergarteners, sixth-graders and ninth-graders were ready to explore new buildings, catch up with friends and meet their teachers.  

But students aren’t the only fresh faces in the buildings. This summer, the District welcomed a small group of new staff members, teachers and administrators. Click here for a slideshow of the newest members of our Ramapo Central community.

Welcome and welcome back! 

Photo caption: New Sloatsburg Elementary School Principal Joseph Lloyd greeted students with smiles and handshakes on the first day of school.

SHS welcomes Class of 2018

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[August 29, 2014] Peer leaders and administrators welcomed eager ninth-graders at Suffern High School’s orientation on August 28. Through tours, peer leader-led homeroom meetings and an orientation assembly, the incoming freshmen learned about the broad range of opportunities—85 clubs, activities and organizations, plus 10 or more sports each season—available to them at Suffern High School and received practical tips for succeeding in their new school.

Sixty seniors volunteered as peer leaders, advising the ninth-graders to pursue their interests, get involved and maintain a strong focus on academics—advice that was echoed by Principal Pat Breen and Assistant Principal Dr. James Douglass.

“This is a high-performing high school; this is the third year that Suffern High School has been named a New York State Reward School,” explained Douglass. “We have high expectations of you. What happened in elementary or middle school is now behind you. Your future starts on Wednesday.”

Photo caption1: Incoming freshmen received schedules, visited homerooms and toured Suffern High School with 60 seniors who volunteered to serve as orientation peer leaders.

Photo caption2: The peer leaders demonstrate “The Suffern Clap,” an enduring tradition.

Photo caption3: Rachel and Sara pitched freshmen on joining the Friends of Rachel Club, which promotes creating a chain reaction of kindness throughout the Suffern High School community. 

Four Ramapo Central schools named High Performing Reward Schools

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[August 14, 2014] Four Ramapo Central schools—Cherry Lane Elementary, Montebello Elementary, Sloatsburg Elementary and Suffern High School—were named High Performing Reward Schools by the New York State Education Department on August 13. The designation is reserved for schools with the highest achievement in the state without significant gaps among student subgroups.

According to NYSED, 354 of more than 4,800 schools statewide earned Reward School status; more than half of Ramapo Central’s schools are among them.

“This recognition is a testament to the high quality of instruction and the Ramapo Central community's steadfast support of our schools,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Douglas S. Adams. “For the past three years, our principals have been working closely with their school communities to define clear goals, and then develop, implement, assess and refine research-based action plans. Ultimately, all of this work drills down to meeting the needs of individual students. The fact that four Ramapo Central schools earned a High Performing designation affirms that our students are meeting rigorous grade-level expectations on par with those in the most competitive schools in the state, and that they are prepared to succeed in college and career.”

This is the third consecutive year that Suffern High School and Cherry Lane Elementary School have achieved Reward School status. Cherry Lane was also named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education in 2013.

Reminder: Elementary schedule changes effective September 1

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[August 8, 2014] It’s that time again…elementary schools have changed schedules this year. Parents, please review the new times below to ensure your students arrive on time to start the school day.


Student Arrival

School Begins

School Dismissal

Early Dismissal

RP Connor & Montebello

8:35 AM

8:50 AM

3:05 PM

11:35 AM


8:40 AM

8:55 AM

3:10 PM

11:35 AM

Cherry Lane & Viola

9:05 AM

9:20 AM

3:35 PM

12:05 PM

Update to the District’s print calendar:  Please note that the early dismissal time for RP Connor and Montebello is 11:35 AM. 

Elementary school schedules change every two years. The next change will go into effect September 2016.

Gear up for the 2014-15 school year

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[August 1, 2014] Summer is still in full swing, but it’s not too early to begin back-to-school preparations. Find out what supplies your children will need to start the school year by clicking on the links below:

Suffern Middle School (list posted under Quick Links)

Cherry Lane Elementary School (lists posted in the Summer 2014 backpack folder)

Montebello Elementary School (list posted under Quick Links)

R.P. Connor Elementary School (lists posted in the June 23 & June 30 backpack folders)

Sloatsburg Elementary School (lists posted in the Supplies 2014-15 backpack folder)

Viola Elementary School (list posted under Quick Links)

And there’s still plenty of time for students to enter the District’s first-ever Summer Challenge! Click here for details. 

Photo caption: A back-to-school reminder: Wednesday, September 3 is the first day of the 2014-15 year. See you in September!

Take the Summer Challenge!

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[August 1, 2014] The Challenge: Create a short (less than 3 minutes long) video explaining something you learned in math last year.

The Summer Challenge is open to current Ramapo Central students in grades K-12. Each student may submit a maximum of two entries. All students must have parent permission to participate.

1) Map it out. What math topic or problem do you want to demonstrate?
What are the important steps, ideas and mathematics vocabulary you’ll want to express?
For inspiration, look at this or these – and check out

2) Test and tweak. Practice your explanation as if you were speaking to another student who is a year younger.

3) Check your work. Have an adult or older student listen to your explanation to make sure it’s correct.

4) Make it pop! A great how-to video is interesting AND fun for people to watch. Experiment with colors, animation and props.

5) 3…2…1...Action! Film your explanation using the video feature on a phone or digital camera. There are also apps and websites that you can use, with your parents’ permission, such as Educreations, ShowMe, Lensoo (Android) and Movenote.

6) Submit the project. Once your video is done, complete the entry form. The form will ask you to provide a URL for where the video has been posted. Many of the apps listed above enable you to share videos created; videos may also be post on YouTube. (Click here for information on how to post an unlisted video on YouTube.) You may also share it to or on Twitter (@lisaweberASI). Sharing via social media? Please use the hashtag #RCSDchallenge.

Be creative, be clear, use great math vocabulary and your video may be posted on the Ramapo Central website.

Good luck!

Attention athletes: Fall sports recertifications & physicals start August 12

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[August 1, 2014] Sports physicals and recertifications for fall high school sports will be given at Suffern High School, starting Tuesday, August 12. All athletes must report to the Suffern High School Nurses’ Office with BOTH a completed emergency card and a completed pre-participation form. 


In order to recertify, athletes must have had a physical within the past year that was certified by the school doctor. Athletes must report to the Suffern High School Nurses’ Office during their sports’ designated recertification session.

Tuesday, August 12

8am-9am: Cross Country, Boys & Girls 

9am-11am: Soccer, Boys & Girls 

11am-12pm: Volleyball, Boys & Girls 

12pm-2pm: Football & Cheerleading

Wednesday, August 13

11am-12pm: Field Hockey 

12pm-1pm: Tennis 

1pm-2pm: Girls Swim/Dive

Monday, August 18

8am-10am: Open recertifications for all athletes

Tuesday, August 19

8am-10am: Open recertifications for all athletes

In order to recertify, athletes must have had a physical within the past year that was certified by the school doctor. Athletes must report to the Suffern High School Nurses’ Office during their sports’ designated recertification session.

Fall athletes unable to recertify in person may fax (845-369-5609) or email completed forms to or by August 14. Forms received after this date will not be accepted. 


High school athletes in need of a physical must report to the Suffern High School Nurses’ Office at 7:30am on either Thursday, August 14 or Thursday, August 21


Recertifications for middle school sports will be done during the first week of school. Those in need can receive a physical on either Tuesday, September 9 or Thursday, September 11. All middle school athletes must submit a completed and signed pre-participation form to the Suffern Middle School Nurse’s Office. 

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