Four Ramapo Central schools named High Performing Reward Schools

posted Aug 14, 2014, 2:27 PM by Ramapo Central

[August 14, 2014] Four Ramapo Central schools—Cherry Lane Elementary, Montebello Elementary, Sloatsburg Elementary and Suffern High School—were named High Performing Reward Schools by the New York State Education Department on August 13. The designation is reserved for schools with the highest achievement in the state without significant gaps among student subgroups.

According to NYSED, 354 of more than 4,800 schools statewide earned Reward School status; more than half of Ramapo Central’s schools are among them.

“This recognition is a testament to the high quality of instruction and the Ramapo Central community's steadfast support of our schools,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Douglas S. Adams. “For the past three years, our principals have been working closely with their school communities to define clear goals, and then develop, implement, assess and refine research-based action plans. Ultimately, all of this work drills down to meeting the needs of individual students. The fact that four Ramapo Central schools earned a High Performing designation affirms that our students are meeting rigorous grade-level expectations on par with those in the most competitive schools in the state, and that they are prepared to succeed in college and career.”

This is the third consecutive year that Suffern High School and Cherry Lane Elementary School have achieved Reward School status. Cherry Lane was also named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education in 2013.

Reminder: Elementary schedule changes effective September 1

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[August 8, 2014] It’s that time again…elementary schools have changed schedules this year. Parents, please review the new times below to ensure your students arrive on time to start the school day.


Student Arrival

School Begins

School Dismissal

Early Dismissal

RP Connor & Montebello

8:35 AM

8:50 AM

3:05 PM

11:35 AM


8:40 AM

8:55 AM

3:10 PM

11:35 AM

Cherry Lane & Viola

9:05 AM

9:20 AM

3:35 PM

12:05 PM

Update to the District’s print calendar:  Please note that the early dismissal time for RP Connor and Montebello is 11:35 AM. 

Elementary school schedules change every two years. The next change will go into effect September 2016.

Gear up for the 2014-15 school year

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[August 1, 2014] Summer is still in full swing, but it’s not too early to begin back-to-school preparations. Find out what supplies your children will need to start the school year by clicking on the links below:

Suffern Middle School (list posted under Quick Links)

Cherry Lane Elementary School (lists posted in the Summer 2014 backpack folder)

Montebello Elementary School (list posted under Quick Links)

R.P. Connor Elementary School (lists posted in the June 23 & June 30 backpack folders)

Sloatsburg Elementary School (lists posted in the Supplies 2014-15 backpack folder)

Viola Elementary School (list posted under Quick Links)

And there’s still plenty of time for students to enter the District’s first-ever Summer Challenge! Click here for details. 

Photo caption: A back-to-school reminder: Wednesday, September 3 is the first day of the 2014-15 year. See you in September!

Take the Summer Challenge!

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[August 1, 2014] The Challenge: Create a short (less than 3 minutes long) video explaining something you learned in math last year.

The Summer Challenge is open to current Ramapo Central students in grades K-12. Each student may submit a maximum of two entries. All students must have parent permission to participate.

1) Map it out. What math topic or problem do you want to demonstrate?
What are the important steps, ideas and mathematics vocabulary you’ll want to express?
For inspiration, look at this or these – and check out

2) Test and tweak. Practice your explanation as if you were speaking to another student who is a year younger.

3) Check your work. Have an adult or older student listen to your explanation to make sure it’s correct.

4) Make it pop! A great how-to video is interesting AND fun for people to watch. Experiment with colors, animation and props.

5) 3…2…1...Action! Film your explanation using the video feature on a phone or digital camera. There are also apps and websites that you can use, with your parents’ permission, such as Educreations, ShowMe, Lensoo (Android) and Movenote.

6) Submit the project. Once your video is done, complete the entry form. The form will ask you to provide a URL for where the video has been posted. Many of the apps listed above enable you to share videos created; videos may also be post on YouTube. (Click here for information on how to post an unlisted video on YouTube.) You may also share it to or on Twitter (@lisaweberASI). Sharing via social media? Please use the hashtag #RCSDchallenge.

Be creative, be clear, use great math vocabulary and your video may be posted on the Ramapo Central website.

Good luck!

Attention athletes: Fall sports recertifications & physicals start August 12

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[August 1, 2014] Sports physicals and recertifications for fall high school sports will be given at Suffern High School, starting Tuesday, August 12. All athletes must report to the Suffern High School Nurses’ Office with BOTH a completed emergency card and a completed pre-participation form. 


In order to recertify, athletes must have had a physical within the past year that was certified by the school doctor. Athletes must report to the Suffern High School Nurses’ Office during their sports’ designated recertification session.

Tuesday, August 12

8am-9am: Cross Country, Boys & Girls 

9am-11am: Soccer, Boys & Girls 

11am-12pm: Volleyball, Boys & Girls 

12pm-2pm: Football & Cheerleading

Wednesday, August 13

11am-12pm: Field Hockey 

12pm-1pm: Tennis 

1pm-2pm: Girls Swim/Dive

Monday, August 18

8am-10am: Open recertifications for all athletes

Tuesday, August 19

8am-10am: Open recertifications for all athletes

In order to recertify, athletes must have had a physical within the past year that was certified by the school doctor. Athletes must report to the Suffern High School Nurses’ Office during their sports’ designated recertification session.

Fall athletes unable to recertify in person may fax (845-369-5609) or email completed forms to or by August 14. Forms received after this date will not be accepted. 


High school athletes in need of a physical must report to the Suffern High School Nurses’ Office at 7:30am on either Thursday, August 14 or Thursday, August 21


Recertifications for middle school sports will be done during the first week of school. Those in need can receive a physical on either Tuesday, September 9 or Thursday, September 11. All middle school athletes must submit a completed and signed pre-participation form to the Suffern Middle School Nurse’s Office. 

Ramapo Central celebrates promotions and graduation

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[June 27, 2014] Over the past week, hundreds of Ramapo Central students celebrated a milestone in their academic careers. For fifth-grade students, moving up ceremonies marked their passage from elementary to middle school. Eighth-graders bade farewell to middle school and embarked on their transition to high school. Suffern High School’s Class of 2014 commemorated graduation, with newly-minted alumni looking forward to college, career and starting their adult lives.

Congratulations to all!

Photo captions: Expressions of encouragement and heartfelt appreciation were highlights of each ceremony—from elementary to middle to high school.

Forensic Science students create their own “CSI”

posted Jun 25, 2014, 12:17 PM by Ramapo Central   [ updated Jun 25, 2014, 12:28 PM ]

[June 25, 2014] If Room 230 felt a little creepy this week, it was likely due to the dozens of highly-detailed crime scene dioramas lining the perimeter of the classroom. These are the culminating products of Suffern High School forensic science courses taught by Christie Barricella.

Suffern High School currently offers five sections of forensic science. Two follow the Project Advance lab science curriculum provided in partnership with Syracuse University, through which juniors and seniors earn four college credits.

For their year-end project, students write a news story, sketch and build a crime scene, construct an evidence log (with five pieces of evidence, minimum), create a photo gallery of the crime scene, describe lab testing techniques and results, profile suspects and “solve” the case.  

“This project is really a creative exploration of what they’ve learned. Students take the basics of forensic science and apply them to a real or fictional case,” Barricella explained. “Forensic science doesn’t just appeal to science-minded kids. It’s a little bio, a little chemistry, a little physics, a little law and a little psychology…and it enables them to make connections to what’s happening in the world around them.”

Families, spark your summer learning!

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[June 24, 2014] The District's inaugural "Spark Your Summer Learning" event drew a standing room-only crowd on the evening of June 23.

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Lisa Weber worked with the District’s reading and math specialists to inform families about online educational resources for students and suggestions for sustaining progress made during the school year through the summer months.

“The District has this tremendous wealth of resources," said RP Connor math specialist Linda Brennan. "Gone are the days of sending packets home...learning is now at students' fingertips."

Cassandra, a Cherry Lane third-grader, helped launch the District’s first-ever Summer Challenge. Students in grades K-12 are invited to submit short, creative videos demonstrating a math concept they have learned. The top videos will be featured on the Ramapo Central website as part of a homework help resource being developed for students and parents.

Cassandra screened a video that she had created about adding three-digit numbers for other students this year in Dr. Cortney Steffen's class. She credits her understanding of ">" and "<" to a video a classmate had made.

"It's fun. You can make a video about addition, subtraction, multiplication...anything," she said. "You can make up your own math problems."

Weber’s closing message to students was simple: “Keep learning!”

Some quick summer learning tips:

  •  Short, frequent math practice (3-4 times per week) is much better than longer, but less frequent sessions
  •  Since online accounts are linked to individual students, parents are asked to ensure that students use their own IDs (and don't log on to programs under their siblings’ accounts) to practice so that teachers will have an accurate record of their progress.
  •  Need help finding new books to read? Students finishing Grade 2 and up can enter their lexile level and genre of choice at for a list of recommended books. Or, if you don't have your child's lexile number, simply enter the title of a recent "just right" book he or she has read and will provide the lexile level.
  •  Students may find extra motivation (and earn prizes) by participating in fun--and free--summer reading programs through their local libraries. Miss Jennifer from the Suffern Library encouraged students to read anything of interest: "Magazines, eBooks--they all count!"
Missed the “Spark Your Summer Learning” event? Click on the links below for information.

Elementary (Gr. K-5) Online Resources
Additional Elementary Math Resources
Summer Challenge (Gr. K-12)

Photo caption1: Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Lisa Weber invited Cassandra to screen her math video tutorial as part of the Summer Challenge launch.

Photo caption (others): More than 60 elementary students and parents attended the June 23 Spark Your Summer Learning event at Suffern Middle School.    

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