Snow Day Challenge

Snow Day Challenge # 1
On the February 5, 2014 snow day, the following challenge was issued to the students of the Ramapo Central School District:
For many writers and poets, the winter months can be a source of inspiration for their work.  For today’s challenge, write a poem or short story about winter.  You might choose to focus on your favorite winter activities, how you spend the winter months, or any other aspect of winter you choose.
Students provided an overwhelming response.  Close to 150 entries were submitted.  Viola Elementary School led the way with 7.3% of its students submitting an entry.  Sloatsburg Elementary School was a close second at 6.7%.  Second graders had the highest participation rate across the district with 7.4% of them entering a poem or story.
The February 5th Snow Day Challenge  winning entry is from Tucker Kanasky, 6th grader at SMS.
Please click here to read our winner's entry and top honorable mentions.

Snow Day Challenge #2
In this winter’s 2nd Snow Day Challenge on February 13, 2014, Ramapo Central students took on the challenge of building a tower using 2 pieces of newspaper.  Guidelines for the contest were found here:

Over 25 students submitted entries for this challenge which required ingenuity, a willingness to experiment with different techniques, and plenty of persistence.  RP Connor and Viola led the way with the most entries, and 2nd and 3rd graders submitted the most entries per grade. 

The tallest free-standing tower constructed of only 2 sheets of newspaper (no tape or other materials) was submitted by siblings Meg, Jack and Jill Bosack who attend RP Connor in grades 5, 3, and K, respectively. 

To see their tower and top honorable mentions, click here