Director of Business Operations
Theresa Isoldi
845-357-7783 ext. 11248

Business Office 

Manage financial and support matters for the district including budget and finance, purchasing, accounts payable, payroll, transportation, facility usage, buildings and grounds, food service, record access and security.

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Please e-mail your questions regarding the School District’s budget to

Additional Contact Information:

James Smith
Custodian III
845-357-7783 ext. 11250

Susan Buck
Principal Payroll Clerk Typist
845-357-7783 ext. 11228

Rena Gesner
Purchasing Supervisor
845-357-7783 ext. 11227

School Lunch:
Martin Teodoro
Sr. Clerk Typist
845-357-7783 ext. 11225

Rena Gesner
Purchasing Supervisor
845-357-7783 ext. 11227

Penni Ramos
Secretary I
845-357-7783 ext. 11234

Carolyn Hunter

Account Clerk

845-357-7783 ext.11233

John Palma
Maintenance Supervisor
845-357-7783 ext. 11251

Pamela Bollatto
Sr.  Clerk Typist
845-357-7783 ext. 11245

Shirley Moy-Lau
Sr. Payroll Clerk
845-357-7783 ext. 11246

Arleen Noonan
Principal Purchasing Clerk
845-357-7783 ext. 11242